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Ex Demo Snowboard Boots

What size Ex Demo Snowboard boots do I buy?

Generally buy the same UK size that you wear in trainers.

A good fitting snowboard boot should be a snug fit with your toes just touching the end of the liner and without them being crushed. It may seem strange at first having your toes touch the end as most people tend to buy their everyday shoes bigger rather than smaller but the boot liner will give quite a bit with use and the liner WILL stretch 5mm (half a shoe size!) over time.

The boot should fit snugly around your achilles and holding your heel firmly down in the boot. This eliminates heel lift which can ruin your riding. A bit of movement is fine but if you can lift your heel more than 1.5cm then you either need to re-tighten them or try another fit. Don't forget to try boots on wearing your snowboard socks as these are generally thicker than normal ones.

Most boot liners these days are heat mouldable which means that as your foot heats up it heats up the liner and it gradually moulds to the shape of your foot giving you a custom fit. So don't be afraid to wear your ex hire boots around the house as you'll reap the rewards when you get on snow with them by cutting down the 'bedding in' time.

Ideally you are looking for a 'close fit' to avoid the boot being sloppy after use.

Our Ex Hire Snowboard Boots have had between 3-5 weeks use on snow, come with a years manufacturers' warranty. They still qualify for our 28 day no quibble returns policy to give you extra peace of mind buying used items on line (you will have to pay the cost of returning them).

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