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Nikwax Waterproofing Products

Nikwax Waterproofing Products

Nikwax were the inventors of breathable water based re-proofers and remain the global leader in high performance waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning for performance outdoor gear.

Easy to use - just use in the washing machine on a normal wash cycle. Garments do not have to be tumble-dried to activate water repellency and there is no need to wait for a clean, wet garment to dry before waterproofing. Water-based and safe to use Nikwax products contain No propellant gases, are non-persistant, environmentally safe and contain no fluorocarbons. Their water based products offer higher concentrations of waterproofing agents than aerosol products… up to 5 times more concentrated. Using Nikwax on your Ski & Snowboard Jackets & Pants prolongs the life of your gear, keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather and retains breathability. Check out their new Polar Proof it will make any fleece water repellent and maintain breathability, keeping you warm and dry in wet weather, as well as extending the life of your fleece.

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