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Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Tech or Lib Technologies have been handcrafting snowboards in the USA since 1977.

Snowboard construction at Lib involves much more than metal, resin, and wood. The way they view it, a dream board includes the entire process: every material selected, environmental efforts made, every hand that touched it, technologies applied, the artist who decorated it, the riders who inspired it, all are a part of it. Lib own and operate their own manufacturing so can control every step along the way. The attention to detail translates into how a board feels and rides. They enjoyed making it… you will love riding it. Marvin Manufacturing (Lib / Gnu / Roxy) operate probably the greenest, environmentally friendly snowboard factory around using innovative, sustainable products in all their boards, recycling any waste. Always pushing the envelope The Skate Banana was the first board to have a rocker and Magne-traction - the introduction of a wavy edge for better edge grip.

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