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Full Tilt Ski Boots

Full Tilt Ski Boots

Full Tilt Ski Boots are a reincarnation of the original Raichle flexon boots designed back In 1979 when Eric Giese applied some very unique ski boot design concepts that derived from his work with NASA space suits and included a floating ribbed tongue instead of an overlap.

This enabled the boot to flex without bulging/distorting in the lower shell. This was the largest single problem of the day, especially since ski boots at the time had no ankle hinge. The ankle is of course a critical area of fit where any distortion would immediately cause a loss of power and control. The Rachle Flexon 3-Piece boot range was revolutionary and worn by many of the top olympic racers and freestylers of the day. After Raichle was purchased by Kneissl Skis the boots were slightly adapted and changed but maybe not for the better as people still craved the original Flexon and Kneissl neglected to use the concept in their performance orientated models so gradually the 3 piece design was phased out. This took the 3 piece concept underground with devoted fans suddenly forced to search for parts and boots on Ebay and scrounging ski swaps to keep them on their feet. That is until the guys at Full Tilt, all boot fitters, who knew better than anyone that something had to be done. They took it upon themselves to go back and search out the original molds and bring it back the Flexon back to life, not in some new and distorted form, but in the original construction and design that had been proven over the past 25 years to be the most popular 3-Piece design in the world. FT purchased the original molds tested every feature, kept what worked, then added some of today's most advanced technology to make them work even better, never stopping until they were skiing them again. The revolution in 3 piece boot design continues ... For the good of skiing.

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