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Snowboard Helmets

Snowboard Helmets Available to Buy Online.

As with all recreational and extreme sports it is important to wear the right protection and the most important part of the body to protect is your head. Some resorts in Europe and the USA are rumoured to be making Snowboard Helmets compulsory on the slopes soon. Wearing a helmet when snowboarding can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury. We stock snow helmets by Anon, Atomic, Bern, K2, Rossignol, Salomon & Scott including Womens specific and Kids helmets all of which are tested and certified to European and US safety standards.

A good-fitting helmet shouldn’t compress your head, but should remain well positioned when/if your head is shaken. You can use a tape to measure the circumference of your head, passing over your ears and staying 1.5cm above your eyebrows. Many snow helmets have a method to adjust and fine-tune the fit for additional comfort and safety.

Ideally, with the helmet on, you should be able to twist the helmet forward and back and see your eyebrows moving along with it. If the helmet slides forward or back too easily and/or without eyebrow movement, it’s not providing the ideal