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K2 Skis, Ski Boots, Helmets, Luggage & Poles

K2 Skis, Ski Boots, Helmets, Luggage & Poles

K2 Skis have just celebrated their 50th year as a top Ski manufacturer.

Based in Vashon Island, Seattle, K2 Sports is known for pioneering fiberglass ski technology, which made skis significantly lighter and more lively than their wood and metal contemporaries. Now they use fiberglass, wood and metal laminates throughout their range and continue to produce great quality skis from their AMP all mountain range, to their Factory Pro Series Skis for Park & Powder. The K2 alliance range is specifically designed by women for women. K2 are constantly pushing the boundaries of both technology and style in skis, which is why they are considered one the best ski brands in the market today.

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