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Your Ski & Snowboard Hire Questions Answered.....

1. What do I do if my boots are uncomfortable in resort?
Providing you have taken out Snow Lab Insurance and tried the boots on at our fitting location, you can re-hire locally in the resort. A receipt must be obtained evidencing re-hire together with the name address and telephone number of the hire shop. We will then refund any re-hire charges obtained in the resort. (See Terms of Hire for full details). Please do not alter the boots in any way that is irreversible, as you will be liable for them.

2. What happens if you think the bindings are not set correctly?
When collecting your ski equipment please check that the DIN setting (Binding release setting) has been set correctly. Check your boots fit in the bindings before heading up the mountain. In the case of Snowboards, please check that they have been set to your correct stance, which is stated on your contract. If you are in any doubt, please take the equipment into a resort shop and ask a qualified technician to readjust the bindings. If you are charged, please obtain a receipt and we will reimburse you on your return to the UK. Please DO NOT attempt to alter ski bindings yourself.

3. What do I do if my rental equipment does not arrive back from the flight with the rest of my luggage?
Contact the relevant handling agent inside the airport. They will ask you to fill in a PIR (Property Irregularity Report), detailing what is missing or damaged. Please make a note of the handling agent , the PIR number & their contact telephone number used to ring for updates. Please also inform them that the equipment belongs to us and must be delivered back to Snow Lab, Knockhatch Ski Centre, Hempstead Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3PR. Email: [email protected] Tel: 01323 848410. Please advise us as soon as possible that the equipment is missing. Normally it is returned on the next available flight & then returned to us within 24 hours. Please note that you are still responsible for the equipment until it is returned to us and the more details you can give us, the easier it is for us to trace it.

4. What should I do if my equipment becomes damaged or is faulty?
Please re-hire similar equipment in resort. If you have taken out Snow Lab Insurance, your added costs will be refunded, as long as a receipt of the hire is obtained. (See Hire Terms and Conditions for more information).

5. My Equipment has been Stolen. What should I do?
Check the surrounding areas to make sure no-one has mistakenly taken your equipment. If it is nowhere to be seen, you must contact the local police and obtain a Police Report. If you have taken out Snow Lab Insurance, your equipment will be covered. If you have not taken out Snow Lab Insurance, you will be liable for your equipment costs. (See Terms and Conditions for replacement costs).

6. How do I fit my Snow Socks on my car tyres?
If you are unsure of how to fit your Snow Socks, you can, ask a member of Snow Lab Staff to demonstrate how they are fitted, See our online fitting guide which includes a video, follow the fitting instructions on the packaging. It is always a good idea to attempt a few practice fittings before you set off on your journey to the mountains.

7. I enjoyed using the Equipment Hired, Can I Purchase it?
If this is the case, we will sell you a brand new version of the equipment hired, less the hire cost. Affectively giving you a free hire. Please note that this is subject to stock availability.

8. I have already made a booking, can this be Cancelled/Amended?
Yes, if you contact us with your reservation number, we will do our best to make any changes that are requested. (See Terms and Conditions for further information).

PLEASE look after your equipment. It is your responsibility to look after all the equipment that you have hired from us, and we want you to get the best out of it. It’s poor practice to slide over rocks, roads or bare areas on piste and although we can normally repair the equipment, it won’t run easily for you and you won’t have so much fun.

1. Do not leave any equipment unattended or out of your sight. If you have to leave your skis unattended, split them with a partner’s and put them at opposite ends of the ski rack, or in the snow. This usually deters casual thieves.
2. If you have hired a snowboard please check daily that all the screws and fixings are tight, as you are participating in an active pastime that involves movement. Over time screws can loosen.
3. Ski and snowboard edges are sharp, so be careful when handling them as you can cut yourself
4. Please respect the mountains. Always carry a map and HAVE FUN !