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Line Skis, Poles & Clothing

Line Skis, Poles & Clothing

Since 1995 Line Skis have focused on two things – going skiing and building skis for people that want to have more fun skiing.

That’s what they do, it’s what they know, and it’s what has enabled them to progress skiing further then anyone could have imagined. Skiing was always perceived to be a conservative sport relative to snowboarding. This ultimately drove new winter sport consumers to buy snowboards. Many long time skiers became bored and made the switch. Snowboarding grew in popularity, resorts began creating snowboard parks where snowboarders could hit jumps, rails, ride pipe, while skiers weren’t allowed in! The ski industry completely ignored what skiing could become. Its future wasn’t looking very bright. It was then that Line creator, Jason Levinthal, decided to do something about it. He tired of switching between his skis and snowboard, wishing his skis had the same performance as his snowboard. He decided skis were the wrong design for riding the way skiing ultimately needed to go. He created a ski with all of the best assets of his snowboard. It had equal height tip and tail, center mounting, symmetric forgiving flex, deep sidecut and even used the snowboard’s dimensions, just halved. The outcome was a very different kind of ski which led to a very different kind of ski company who played an important role in igniting skiing’s revolution.

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